Dajor lamps with former coach Vicente del Bosque - Dajor
El reaturante tatel madrid fabricamos lámparas vintage, lámparas de techo, lámparas colgantes, lámparas a medida, apliques de pared vintage, para decoración y diseño pescanova vicente del bosque.
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Aplique de pared vintage efecto latón envejecido

Dajor lamps with former coach Vicente del Bosque

Last Christmas returned to Spanish tables a classic of the festivities: Langostinos Rodolfo de Pescanova, and they did it starring in a funny comercial with Vicente del Bosque, former coach of Spanish Team.
The comercial was filmed iTatel restaurant in Madrid, an interior design project of IlMioDesign where we made the decorative lighting.

In this video we can see Del Bosque drinking coffee surrounded by vintage wall sconces made by Dajor. These lamps, inspired by the golden twenties, have a structure of metal cylinders through that let go warm beam of light. The elegant matt gold paintwork provides warmth and sobriety to the decoration and create a most welcoming atmosphere.
You can read the entire project here:
We also made the lamps of Tatel Ibiza restaurant:
Lamps of Tatel Madrid also appear in San Miguel Selecta beer comercial:

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