Large-format lamps - Dajor
Specialists in large size lamps. Dajor is dedicated to the manufacture of handcrafted lamps and lampshades according to the needs of each project.
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Large-format lamps


At Dajor Lighting Factory we are experts in the custom manufacturing of large lamps. Today we are going to show you some of our giant lamp models made by DAJOR.


For an important shopping center in Madrid, at Dajor Lighting Factory we custom-made lamps of more than two meters in diameter and with a structure with hundreds of glass tubes to create spectacular and original games of light and shadow. The warmth of the light is thickened by the golden finish, with a certain vintage and golden age influence.

For the luxury suite at the Westin Palace in Madrid we custom-made a large lamp, with 185cm in length, with several tiers of glass tubes and geometric shapes that surround the structure of the bulbs. It produces a soft warm light, diffused by the glass test tubes. An ideal lamp model to hang over a meeting table or over a long dining table.

With this lamp we gave color to the Viena restaurant of the “La Maquinista” Shopping Center in Barcelona! And the fact is that the possibilities of crystals are endless, for this large custom lamp, with its 180cm in diameter, we use colored glass tubes: yellow, orange, red, blue, violet and pink … that surround a metal structure circular in elegant brass finish. The lamp is suspended from the ceiling by safety tension cables, attached to a rosette. It works with very warm LED strips built into the luminaire. A very original way to add a touch of color.

Dajor was also present at the important renovation of the Hotel Meliá on Avenida América in Madrid, which reopened its lobby last year. From Dajor Lighting Factory we custom manufacture this large pendant lamp with a diameter that exceeds 2.5m and that works entirely with LED technology. The LED circle is surrounded by sheets of brass and glass that act as a diffuser for the warm light. The custom luminaire creates a very elegant and stately effect to welcome the hotel.

Finally, for the “Muerde La Pasta” restaurant in Zaragoza, we made a spectacular suspension lamp for the ceiling, with metal rods hanging in the shape of a waterfall. Some of these rods end in a vintage warm light bulb. The sensation of going underneath creates the effect of “starry night”, due to the points of light similar to the stars. An ideal lamp to dine under these hypnotic points of light.

Would you like us to manufacture a large custom lamp? Send us a photograph, render, design … to, specify the measurements and finishes and we will send you a budget without obligation.

You can also visit our online store of standardized products with special prices for professionals.