Warranty and safety instructions - Dajor
Dajor Iluminación es una empresa ubicada en Tarragona dedicada a la fabricación de iluminación a medida para proyectos de interiorismo, decoración, hoteles y restaurantes. Lámparas a medida de todos los estilos y formas para adaptarlas a tu gusto y decoración de interiores.
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Warranty and safety instructions


Manufacturer guarantees the proper functioning of this equipment, repairs or spare parts of the model owing to faulty manufacture during 2 years after the surrender date. Responsibility will not be accepted, however, for damages or injury caused through misuse. For any claims the sale ticket must be presented. The company agrees to repair any defect or malfunction found in the item and any damages said defect or malfunction might directly provoke. If the reparation should fail to satisfy the customer and/or the object fail to present the optimum condition for the use to which it is destined the guarantee holder will have the right to the substitution of the acquired item for another of identical characteristics or a complete refund of the purchase price.



This warranty policy is subject to the conditions set forth on the Manufacturer’s website under ‘Conditions of Warranty Policy’.


DO NOT INSTALL THE PRODUCT IF IT IS DAMAGED. This lighting was properly packed in such a way that its smaller parts could not get damaged during its transport. Inspect everything to confirm that nothing was damaged.


We reserve the right our specialists to study each product returned, leaving the warranty exempt in case of demonstrating that the incidence or failure has been caused by the user, due to installation problems or elements unrelated to the product.


A representative of the Manufacturer will have access to the defective Products.
The proof of purchase of the products will be available to the Manufacturer to be inspected.
This warranty does not cover labour costs for the disassembly of the Products.



If the Manufacturer chooses to replace a defective Product but cannot do so, because it is not manufactured or is no longer available, the Manufacturer may return the money paid or replace the product with a comparable product (whose design or specifications may vary slightly).


This limited warranty shall only be valid when the Product has been properly installed, connected and is functioning with the correct electrical values, operating range and at the environmental conditions set forth in the technical specifications, according to the guidelines, instructions, IEC standards or any other document supplied with the Products.
The MANUFACTURER is not responsible for the electrical power supply conditions, including the voltage surges, the voltage fluctuations, the control systems for power waving that exceed the specified limits of the products and those defined in the relevant supply rules (for example, the EN50160 standards).
This warranty is not valid for damages or malfunctions due to force majeure or any type of fraudulent, incorrect use, misuse, anomalous use or use that violates the rules, codes or the corresponding instructions of use, including without limitation the contents regarding the latest safety rules, as well as the latest industry and/or electricity regulations in the relevant regions.
The maintenance of the product must be carried out according to the instructions and by specialized personnel only.
An adequate record of the operating history must be kept at the disposal of the MANUFACTURER to be inspected at any moment.
If it is determined that a Product is defective or does not function in accordance with the product specifications, the Buyer must notify the MANUFACTURER in writing.
All warranty periods mentioned are subject to a representative of the MANUFACTURER being able to access the defective product or system to check such non-conformity. The warranty claims must be notified and sent to the MANUFACTURER’s regional office within 30 days of such indication, and at least the following information must be specified (additional information may be requested):
– Defective products. For the guarantees of a System, other components that are used must also be specified.
– Date of installation and invoice date.
– A detailed description of the problem, the amount and the percentage of malfunctions, together with the fault date code.
– The application, the functioning hours and switching cycles.
– When the warranty claim is justified, the MANUFACTURER shall bear the transportation costs. The MANUFACTURER may invoice to the Client the returned Products that are not defective or nonconforming, together with the associated transportation, verification and handling expenses.
This Warranty does not cover:
– Any exposure to corrosive environments or aggressive gases of chemical origin.
– Negligent, improper or inappropriate use.
– Use of the product at a different environmental temperature than the one specified.
– In LED light sources, faults smaller than 0.2% for every 1000h.
– Decrease of luminous flux of less than 30% in LED light sources.
– Relative humidity in the installation above 80%, or if the conditions have been exceeded according to the IP rating of the product for which it was designed.
– Closed lights with less than 10mm of air around the body of the product.



  1. Electrical appliances must only be connected by competent persons.
  2. Important! Before commencing installation work disconnect the mains cable from the power supply – remove fuse or turn switch to “OFF”! The power supply connection must be done with the suitable connecting box, as seen on illustrations.
  3. This luminaire is only suitable for use in living areas (not for areas constantly subject to moisture) and may be used only in accordance with its particular design (e. g. wall luminaires must be firmly installed). The maximum permissible ambient temperature is 25°C.
  4. Do not attach luminaires to surfaces which are damp, freshly painted, or otherwise electrically conductive.
  5. Connect the wires of the luminaire to the wires of the same colour that come from the wall or ceiling.
  6. Use support systems that are in accordance to the weight of the luminaire.
  7. Keep the wires and connections separated from any heat source.
  8. To avoid damage to concealed wiring during installation, establish the direction of the supply cable before drilling fixing holes.
  9. Be sure to always use the correct type of bulb (see information on the label!).
  10. Keep these instructions in a safe place.
  11. Use the sleeves to cover the mains supply wiring to the fitting.
  12. Cleaning is limited to the outer surfaces, shades or protective glass, reflectors and covers. Gold-finish and brass luminaires must be only be cleaned with a soft cloth (do not use cleaning agents of any kind). It is important to ensure that no moisture enters the terminal compartment or reaches any live parts!
  13. Use low pressure halogen lamps with low ultraviolet radiation. (UV-STOP).
  14. As our products are subject to technical modifications, we cannot guarantee, that all information is always up to date. Please contact our technical department with any queries.
  15. If the external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire is damaged, it shall be exclusively replaced by the manufacturer or his service agent or a similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
  16. Do not cover the luminaires with insulating material.
  17. The lamps are very hot during operation. Touch only when they have cooled, after 15 minutes.
  18. Do not use luminaries with frayed or cracked glass, until it is replaced.
  19. Not hang or supporting elements on the luminaires.
  20. The products must be correctly installed by qualified personnel and functioning in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  21. Do not have access to the lighting without disconnecting it from the power supply.
  22. For the products that can be dimmed, previously verify the compatibility between the components of dimming. The use of any unsupported controllers can cause failures.
  23. Lights for fluorescent tubes that allow dimming should be left functioning during the first 100 hours without dimming.
  24. Avoid staring directly to the light source to prevent glare or other annoyances.
  25. Portable outdoor lights can only be connected on socket outlets with the same IP degree as the light itself.
  26. If the light includes cable glands, verify that they are tight.
  1. Lights with LED technology are sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESD). Manipulate with the necessary precautions to avoid them and do not touch the LED without protection.
  2. The maximum indicated ambient temperature Ta should not be exceeded, since it implies a reduction to the hours of useful life or even a premature failure of the product. If the ambient temperature Ta is not marked on the label, it will always be 25ºC.
  3. If you install the light in bathrooms, check beforehand the installation regulations to confirm the suitable light volume and what IP protection is required.
  4. In class III lights, the power equipment to be used shall comply with all your applicable European directives and should be in accordance with the installation regulations.
  5. When the light source of the lamp can’t be replaced, then when it reaches the end of its life, the whole lighting must be replaced.
  6. When the light source of the lamp can’t be replaced by the user, it must only be replaced by the manufacturer, or by its service technicians or by an equivalent qualified person.
  7. In lights with LED tubes with not retrofit lamps pay close attention on how the tube must be connected into each socket.
  8. The voltage and frequency of the fixed installation can’t differ 5% of what is indicated in the label of the light.
  9. Never clean the light with pressure cleaning systems.
  10. For the groupings of lights between the three phase conductors of a three-phase circuit with one neutral conductor only, you must have at least one device which simultaneously disconnects all phase conductors.
  11. The external cables and the strands of cables connected within a light or passing from its interior must be chosen and installed in such a way that they should not suffer any damage or any deterioration caused by the heat, or by the UV radiation generated by the light or by its lamp (e.g. through its shielding).
  12. The lights with LED modules should be positioned in such a way that they are not exposed to direct sunlight or other sources of heat.
  13. Do not modify or manipulate the light source in any way not described in this manual. Do not attach labels or other materials directly on the light source. To modify the appearance of the beam, use only accessories that are accepted by the manufacturer.
  14. It is advisable to carry out checks at least once a year, or within the period recommended for the maintenance of each light according to its installation.
  15. In recessed lightings the minimum distances must be respected as indicated in the interior of the mounting.
  16. The type of insulation between the power supply and the control conductors should be primary, if the control device is Class I, or reinforced, if the main control device is Class II.
  17. In lights with connection through box and protection sleeve, please see the figures of connection to the electricity. In the lighting, only the length of the wiring of the fixed installation can be inserted only what remains within the protection sleeve.
  18. The power supply conductors must withstand at least 90 °C.
  19. The built-in lights must be powered with an installation cable with double insulation, ensuring that the main insulation is not accessible once it has been connected.


Protection class I: This luminaire has an earth terminal. The earth (yellow and green) must be connected to the terminal indicated by the symbol.
Protection class II: This luminaire is doubly insulated and must not be connected to and earth wire.
Protection class III: Luminaire for protective low voltage (SELV).
Low pressure: For luminaries which are designed for use with self-shielded tungsten halogen lamps only.
Minimum distance from lighted objects.
Suitability for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
Non-suitability for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
Recessed luminaire not suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
Surface luminaire not suitable for direct mounting on normally flammable surfaces.
Luminaires not suitable for covering with thermally insulating material.

Replace any cracked protective Shield.
Where affixed on the equipment or package, the barred waste bin sign indicates that the product must be separated from other waste at the end of its working life for disposal.
Isolation transformer and safety protection against short-circuits.
Lighting in accordance with all applicable European Directives
Caution, risk of electric shock.
Lighting with internal fuses.
Lamps that need a protective screen as part of the construction of the light
E Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Product. Be careful before handling the LED module or the lighting.
Do not stare at the light source when in operation.
LED module of use to be incorporated.
Lighting with a limited surface temperature,
Suitable to be installed in or over equipment, for example furniture.
Lamp not suitable for use with humidity.
Regulation not allowed
Lamp suitable for operation in high frequency
Lamp not suitable for operation in emergency lights.
The use of power cord, of interconnection or of external wiring cables are resistant to the indicated ambient temperature.