Lola Casademunt Showroom with Dajor lamps - Dajor
proyecto de iluminación y diseño de interiores para el showroom Lola Casademunt en Barcelona. Diseñado por el estudio Mirros Design y con lámparas colgantes de gran tamaño en color rosa fabricadas a medida por Dajor Iluminación.
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lamapras rosas de dajor mirror design

Lola Casademunt Showroom with Dajor lamps

With more than 200m2 and located on the outskirts of Barcelona, the Showroom of the fashion brand Lola Casademunt has become the flagship and the highest representation of the brand.
The project has stood out so much that even the Dutch magazine FRAME has echoed the interior design of the showroom.
With the design of the Mirror Design Studio, at Dajor Lighting Factory we manufacture custom pendant lamps for the meeting room. These are two large lamps, in an elegant pink copper finish with opal glass balls. The winding tube path forms two ovals embedded one inside the other. Very elegant lamps perfect to illuminate the large marble tables.

You can read the entire project at this link:

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