Dajor | La Paisana de Casa Gracia restaurant
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La Paisana de Casa Gracia restaurant

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About This Project

A beautiful building, located right in the Passeig de Gracia of Barcelona, houses this hotel-hostel, restaurant, bar and leisure room that receives visits from many tourists who come to Barcelona.
Under the orders of interior designer Pablo Peyra, we were entrusted with the task of illuminating La Paisana, the hotel’s “foodies” space. Right in the entrance, we find a spectacular ceiling light with small light bulbs shining between gold coating threads. For the counter bar, we made some hanging lamps with brass stem and an opal glass sphere in vintage style. The rest of the place is illuminated with a collection of ceiling and sconces made of glass and gold-coated spheres. We also manufactured a smaller collection of cylindrical sconces and ceiling lights to illuminate other corners of the restaurant. We wanted to give it a special touch by making original light fittings for the remaining spaces: a small blue methacrylate pendant light for an elongated table, geometric appliques on some walls and a luminous thread for the interior patio.
Finally, we also illuminate the most exclusive areas of La Paisana: the El Bis cocktail bar, the night club, where we used small ceiling lights with a light bulb. Also, a pendant lamp with green tulips lights the Mig Bis, the room for private parties.