Dajor | Regine Café
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Regine Café

Lámparas de diseño a medida en Cafetería Regine Apliques vintage con tulipa de cristal en Cafetería Regine Lámpra de techo colgante vintage en Cafetería Regine Lámpra de diseño a medida en Cafetería Regine de Tarragona Aplique de pared bola de cristal rallada en Cafetería Regine de Tarragona
café, design, interior design, lamps, lighting, tarragona
About This Project

A simple and charming place, located at the Rambla Nova de Tarragona, perfect for a nice morning coffee, a dinner at night or for some tapas with friends over the weekend. The interior design is the work of Andreu Design.
For such a charming place, we wanted to create very special lamps: for the entrance, we made a suspension lamp, formed by a chain, from which hangs a polycarbonate sphere with four lampholders decorated with Greek fretwork. The vintage style wall sconces are gold, formed by hand-blown striped glass balls, and create a light multiplier effect. For the bar counter, we made hanging lamps to match the sconces.
To finish and give it a fresh and floral touch, we custom-made a pendant lamp with hanging light bulbs in the shape of a cauldron that peeked out among the white flowers over the dining tables.