Cort hotel in Palma de Mallorca - Dajor
Dajor Iluminación es una empresa ubicada en Tarragona dedicada a la fabricación de iluminación a medida para proyectos de interiorismo, decoración, hoteles y restaurantes. Lámparas a medida de todos los estilos y formas para adaptarlas a tu gusto y decoración de interiores.
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Cort hotel in Palma de Mallorca

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About This Project

In the heart of Palma de Mallorca, in front of the 17th century town hall and next to the famous “Olivera de Cort”, you will find the Hotel Cort, a different way to stay and enjoy the old town of Palma. The interiors are designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán with the claim of recreating a warm and calm space and creating a memory of peace and relaxation in the mind. The decorative lamps and luminaires were manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory.
For the bar space, we custom-made a large pendant ceiling lamp, suspended by chains and with a most elegant design: a circle in an aged brass finish with a series of glass balls that act as a light diffuser. The high-suspended luminaire in the high ceilings adds grandeur to the space.
Other lamps custom-made by Dajor hang above the diners’ tables, with a navy-vintage design, in keeping with the fishing and nautical tradition that characterizes the city of Palma. These are ceiling lamps with a metal lampshade and an aged brass structure with a design reminiscent of old port lanterns. We complement the lighting with other ceiling lights (pendant lamps and ceiling lights) with a semi-opal glass ball and industrial inspiration with metal pieces.
Finally, we also manufacture some vintage table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces in black finish for the suites. Along with Lily ceiling lights in a shiny chrome finish from our Luz Vintage collection to support technical lighting.