Dajor | Cotton House hotel in Barcelona
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Cotton House hotel in Barcelona

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About This Project

Another piece of work by interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán with lamps manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory. It is a historic building from the 19th century, located right in the center of Barcelona. The former headquarters of the Textile Cotton Foundation, built by a family of the Cotton Guild, to become the Cotton House Hotel years later. With luxurious suites and spaces that preserve the original furniture, as well as the outdoor pool, the library and the catering service, without forgetting its privileged situation in the city, they have turned the Cotton House into one of the most emblematic hotels in Barcelona.
For such a special project, we custom-made a pendant lamp from small glass balls in the shape of glass pineapples, Vintage ceiling lamp model Mariana by Luz Vintage. We must also highlight a couple of large suspended lamps with a metal body, inspired by an old light fitting and at the end with different arms and vintage bulbs. Another light fitting we manufactured is a pendant with a sphere body surrounded by thin tubes with a bulb at the end of each.
We complement the lighting with geometric crystal pendants, black table lamps model Nina by Luz Vintage for the rooms, crystal ball lamps for the dining room and several wall lamps with rectangular grille or glass rods for bathrooms and other rooms.