Hotel Gold River in Portaventura - Dajor
Diseño y fabricación de faroles colgantes y apliques de pared estilo victoriano lejano oeste para hotel del parque temático Port Aventura World. Hotel ambientado far west con iluminación exterior original diseñada y fabricada por Dajor Iluminación. Proyecto a medida de iluminación.
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Hotel Gold River in Portaventura

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About This Project

Inside the Port Aventura World is the Gold River hotel in the purest style of the Wild West. With direct access to one of the most emblematic theme parks in Europe: Main Street, The Callaghan’s and the main building The City Hall house the rooms of the beautiful Hotel Gold River just a few steps from Far West.

From Dajor we have been in charge of manufacturing the lanterns that light various areas outside the hotel. Continuing with the Victorian-style design of the Wild West, we designed and produced five differents lamps. All the lanterns continue with the Far West aesthetic, which is why the predominant material is metal with a lacquered finish in matt black and aged bronze. To carry out this project, the client was first visited to find out about the lighting needs. After that, we made renders and plans in the workshop to make some sample models. With all the corrections and laboratory reports, the serialization of the products is carried out in our workshop! The result of this process is that three models of hanging lanterns and two models of wall sconces in matt black and aged copper finishes with glass lampshades.

The first model is a lantern in a matt black finish. It is the only design that has a larger diameter. It is formed, like all the others, by a metallic lantern that holds a glass tulip in the center. In this case, the tulip has a shape similar to a conventional light bulb. The second lamp, however, is thinner and the lampshade is surrounded by two metallic threads that add a more personal touch to the design.

Secondly, the third hanging lantern is a model in an aged copper finish. The base is more rounded and the diameter is smaller than the first model. This vintage hanging lantern has been placed in the picnic area.

Finally, we see the wall sconces with hanging lanterns. They are two identical models, each with a different finish: as in all cases, matt black or aged copper. They are lighting that in the Gold River Hotel in Port Aventura have been used in the columns to illuminate corridors and entrances from the outside.