Room Mate Giulia Hotel - Dajor
manufacture of custom lamp for hotel lobby by dajor iluminacion. Lighting project dajor hotel room mate giulia milan. Dajor lamps in hotel in milan. Large vintage ceiling light manufactured by dajor for a hotel in milan
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Room Mate Giulia Hotel

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About This Project

Located in the center of Milan, a project by Patricia Urquiola and belonging to the prestigious Kike Sarasola hotel chain, from Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the lighting of the lobby of this four-star hotel:
For the lobby, we custom-made a large ceiling lamp: in a network of tubes in a black finish, intertwined with cylinders in an aged brass effect finish, in this way a more vintage finish is complemented with a modern color for create an eclectic and timeless design.
Each cylinder contains a small, warm LED spotlight that illuminates the colorful lobby. The light invites you to relax in the armchairs to read and disconnect. The decoration is complemented by abstract watercolors by the local painter Sandro Fabbri. The straight and geometric shapes and the sober finishes of the luminaire contrast with the curved shapes and the bright colors of the furniture to create a unique space that represents the values of Milan as a city of fashion but does not lose its industrial charm.