Tres Reyes San Sebastián Hotel - Dajor
fabricación y confección a medida de una lámpara colgante hueco de escalera de más de diez metros de altura. Lámpara para lobby hotel Tres Reyes San Sebastián en la provincia de Donostia. Proyecto dirigido Lazaro Rosa Violan. Iluminación y lámparas fabricadas a medida por Dajor Lighting Factory.
lampara, iluminación, fabricacion, tres reyes, san sebastian, hotel, lazaro,
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Tres Reyes San Sebastián Hotel

lampara diez metros altura lobby lampara dajor hecha a mano lampara dajor diez metros lampara taller dajor lobby
hotel, hotel 3 reyes, iluminación, lazaro rosa-violan, san sebastian
About This Project

In the city of San Sebastián (Donostia) and designed  by the prestigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. This is the second establishment of Tres Reyes hotel brand, which already has a hotel in Pamplona. With a Basque design, it has eighty rooms, a swimming pool, a bar and meeting rooms for events and companies. From Dajor Lighting Factory we met this professional challenge to illuminate the common room: we had to custom-manufacture a sculpture lamp for the stairwell of more than ten meters in height.
Inspired by a kite, it is manufactured in four independent pieces with designs of white and beige fabric panels (a work of By Largo Limited Edition tailoring and cutting workshop) and with 2700k dimmable LED tubes, which produce a very warm light. Nice to welcome hotel guests.
Altogether, more than ten meters in height of fabric panels visible through all the floors of the hotel. A sculpture of lighting that has been a challenge and that we have faced with success.