Eneko Bilbao Restaurant - Dajor
Dajor Iluminación es una empresa ubicada en Tarragona dedicada a la fabricación de iluminación a medida para proyectos de interiorismo, decoración, hoteles y restaurantes. Lámparas a medida de todos los estilos y formas para adaptarlas a tu gusto y decoración de interiores.
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Eneko Bilbao Restaurant

Lámpara colgante en el restaurante eneko bilbao patricia urquiola Lámpara de diseño a medida en el restaurante eneko bilbao patricia urquiola Lámparas colgantes de diseño en el restaurante eneko bilbao patricia urquiola Lámpara de techo en el restaurante eneko bilbao patricia urquiola
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About This Project

Eneko Bilbao restaurant was opened last year in the center of Bilbao by the chef Eneko Atxa. The restaurant, located in the Eskalduna Palace, has been designed by the prestigious interior designer Patricia Urquiola. Dajor Lighting Factory have worked hand in hand with the architects and designers of Patricia Urquiola’s studio, located in the city of Milan, to manufacture tailor-made decorative luminaries.
The restaurant has an open and functional space, with a sophisticated and not-overloaded decoration. The interior design is characterized by a mixture of warm colors, in shades of brown, gray and burgundy and strong materials such as wood and rope that combine a contemporary style with the Basque tradition.
Dajor manufactured decorative luminaires for the dining area, with large suspended luminaires and capacity for eighteen lights. We also designed small panels of elegant brass finish with a matte glass bulb, as well as matching wall lights, with big, extendible and mobile branches. All the lamps are finished in textured gold, while the bulbs show a bright brass finish. The lighting creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a pleasant evening.