La Dama Restaurant at Casa Sayrach - Dajor
Iluminación para el restaurante La Dama en zona céntrica de Barcelona. En Avenida Diagonal encontramos el edificio modernista Casa Sayrach, en su interior encontraremos el íntimo y elegante restaurante La Dama que ha contado con la iluminación a medida de Dajor Iluminación.
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La Dama Restaurant at Casa Sayrach

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About This Project

In Dajor Lighting Factory, we recover a lighting project. In the middle of Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona stands out the modernist building Casa Sayrach. Corner with Enric Granados, we find inside the intimate and cozy restaurant La Dama. A restaurant with a classic and elegant atmosphere, designed by the interior design studio: masmir studio and illuminated by Dajor Iluminación.

The Sayrach House, built in 1918, is one of the last modernist buildings in Barcelona. Work of the writer and architect Manuel Sayrach, son of the promoter of the project, although it was signed by Gabriel Borrell. After a lobby that shows the maximum exponential of modernism, we arrive at La Dama; one of the most elegant restaurants in Barcelona, inspired by the private clubs of the time. From Dajor Iluminación we have been in charge of the manufacture of the decorative lamps of the restaurant. The interior design was in charge of masmir studio, with a clear vintage inspiration and preserving the elements of heritage value.

For one of the main living rooms, we custom-made a pendant ceiling lamp with a range of diabolo shades that distribute the light evenly throughout the room and that is also one of the centerpieces of the decoration. The black lacquered metal finish adds a striking and original touch.

On the other hand, we also manufacture, under the instructions of masmir studio, some floor lamps located behind the armchairs that provide that point of warmth, elegance and class of the time, providing warmth and feeling of comfort to the environment. They are ingeniously manufactured with a point of support in the rear part in order to remain firm behind the armchairs. The luminaire is topped with a beige textile shade in the shape of a dome edged in black.

Leaving the main hall we find other models of lamps manufactured by Dajor Iluminación. Another black metal pendant ceiling lamp, but this time from which hang three white lampshades along with rectangular wall sconces with an alabaster diffuser that combine with the walls in a very light green tone. The sconces in different sizes, form a composition of light and very elegant design.

We finished the project with the custom fabrication of wall sconces made with a long movable arm and a small pyramidal lampshade in black finish and decorate with a golden filigree. This wall  scone is suspended over the tables of the dinner in a room in dark tones with with Mudejar design paper that highlight the charm of the lamps.

Enjoy Mediterranean food at the Restaurant La Dama, to also see the majesty of the historic building in which it is located and the interior design of the premises. You will be transported to another era enjoying the intimacy of the restaurant and its decoration. Check the rest of the projects elaborated by Dajor in our website and in masmirstudio‘s website.