Dajor | Martinete restaurant in Madrid
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Martinete restaurant in Madrid

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About This Project

A versatile and cosmopolitan space located on Madrid’s Golden Mile, it integrates a bar, restaurant and cocktail bar. A local work of the studio of Lázaro Rosa-Violán and of neo-colonial inspiration. The interior stands out for its informal and modern character without losing elegance. It is characterised by large red windows and upholstered green, brown and velvety blue furniture.
For the Martinete, we made a lighting project consisting of two opalised balls with brass bodies distributed around the diners area. The lighting is complemented by twelve-sided suspended light fittings in matt glass and a faceted glass diffuser. Following the same style as the ball soffits, we made some pieces of brass with rigid arms and a lamp holder at the end of each one. We finished the project with a pendant lamp made of black pigmented glass and phosphorescent wall sconces.