Papúa-Colón Restaurant - Dajor
realizacion de las lamparas a medida iluminacion ambar dajor iluminacion vintage para el restaurante papua de madrid colon. Restaurante papua colon am arquitectos estudio iluminacion dajor lamparas de techo de bola de cristal ambar
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Papúa-Colón Restaurant

lampara de techo pagoda dajor luz vintage lamparas a medida pantalla a medida para lampara lampara con pantalla vintage de dajor lampara a medida papua iluminacion a medida restaurante dajor lampara techo bola de cristal
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About This Project

A project designed by Adolfo Monserrat of the AM Arquitectos studio and located in the central Plaza Colón in Madrid, next to the Fernán Gómez Theater. The Papúa-Colón restaurant opened its doors last October.
A new concept of gastronomy and interior design that takes the customers to the jungle of Papua New Guinea. Large animals, a huge neon sign that welcomes you to the restaurant and a design based on vegetation, wood, velvet, ceramics and bright colours are the main elements of the colonial design of this restaurant.
From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the manufacture of the amber decorative lighting of the more than 600m2 of the restaurant. Very warm light flows between the ceiling and the walls, as if it were sunlight through the trees of the jungle.
The opal glass balls and the aged brass finish have been the main materials for the manufacture of the different ceiling lamps or wall sconces that make up the lighting of the Papua.
As soon as you enter you are greeted by the sculpture of a giraffe over two meters high that holds a vintage lamp with a pagoda lampshade. This bespoke double height ceiling light with maroon fringes welcomes you to this exotic restaurant.
At Dajor’s we also custom manufacture different designs of crystal ball ceiling lamps. A golden teardrop-shaped structure holds an opal glass ball, which blurs the amber light and it is suspended illuminating the diners’ tables.
We also made a ceiling lamp with a glass ball surrounded by a ring in a matte gold finish, a very elegant lamp that illuminates a more intimate and secluded corner of the dining room, with circular tables and yellow velvet sofas that match the gold finish of the luminaires.
For the centre of the room, above the bar counter, a huge metallic structure in an aged brass finish, with a circle of glass balls with diffuser and several branches at different heights with other globes of light that warmly illuminate the elegant centre of the restaurant.
Around this large oversized lamp and to complement the decorative lighting, a brass-finish cylinder-shaped pendant lamps that work with very warm LEDs.