A Dajor lamp from the Botilleria de Madrid in Elle Decor - Dajor
lamp made to measure for the reform of a restaurant in the Plaza Oriente de Madrid. The reform by Efémera Studio and an article by Elle Decor that shows the glass ceiling lamp and plants made to measure
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A Dajor lamp from the Botilleria de Madrid in Elle Decor

La Botillería, located in Madrid’s Plaza de Oriente – next to the Royal Palace – is a classic bistro with a long history behind. Recently, the venue has changed its image in a project led by Efémera Studio which includes a lamp manufactured by Dajor.
The renovation maintains the essence of the building, built on an old 17th Century monastery. The Botillería, thus, maintains all the character, reviewed under a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.
The ceiling lamp, custom-made by Dajor Lighting Factory, is located in the living room of the fireplace, with décor reminiscent of the palatial gardens from the Madrid de los Austrias.
The ceiling lamp manufactured by Dajor is made with a metal structure of circles at different heights in aged gold finish. Clear glass tubes hang from each circle, which let warm light through and help create a warm, intimate, and comfortable atmosphere.
See attached the full article by Elle Decor on the project:

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