Meliá. Renovation of space with Dajor - Dajor
fabricacion a medida de las lámparas de techo del hotel meliá de madrid avenida america y la lampara de techo de cristal de colores del restaurante viena la maquinista de barcelona lamparas a medida fabricadas por dajor lighting factory
lampara viena de colores lampara de recepcion hotel melia
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lamparas a medida hotel melia avenida america

Meliá. Renovation of space with Dajor

In the heart of Madrid, on Avenida America, the prestigious hotel of the Meliá brand has given a new look to its welcome area. After months of redesign, the lobby has reopened its doors, revealing a completely rejuvenated atmosphere. Much of this transformation is attributable to the lighting expertise provided by Dajor Lighting Factory.

The reception of a hotel is the introduction to the world that the establishment has to offer. Every detail is important, and lighting plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and memorable atmosphere. Dajor has sought the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, making an impression on those who walk through its doors.

At Dajor we custom manufacture a large pendant ceiling lamp. This handcrafted luminaire is made with a metal circle that houses two strategically placed LED strips, one at the top of the lamp and one at the bottom. And around these metal circles are placed sheets of brass and glass.

The lighting creates an elegant and cozy atmosphere, perfect for welcoming hotel guests. Thanks to materials such as glass and brass sheets that act as a diffuser of the warm light of the LED to create an original play of light and shadows that is complemented by the reflections of light on the light floors and the LEDs placed behind the counters.

lamparas a medida hotel melia avenida america

The reopening of the lobby at the Meliá hotel in Madrid is a testament to how collaboration between a renowned hotel chain and an expert lighting firm can result in a unique guest experience. The custom pendant lamp created by Dajor Lighting Factory is the epicenter of this transformation, igniting a passion for aesthetics and hospitality in every corner of the lobby. A reminder that light can not only illuminate a space, but also the hearts of those who experience it.

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