Amarone Restaurant in Edinburgh - Dajor
diseño y fabricacion de lamparas a medida de dajor y apliques de pared de la colección luz vintage para iluminar el restaurante amarone de edimburgo. Iluminacion de diseño vintage luces cálidas acabado latón. Impresionantes lamparas de techo doradas con cristales modelo diana de luz vintage by dajor
iluminacion, proyecto, luz vintage, dajor, lamparas, lighting, amarone, restaurant, design, diseño interiores
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Amarone Restaurant in Edinburgh

lampara matilda de luz vintage en edimburgo lamapra dorada circular luz vintage apliques de pared dajor luz vintage aplique de pared vintage bola de cristal con greca aplique de pared vintage de luz vintage lampara de techo vintage dibujo lamparas amarone
dajor, edimburgo, iluminación, lámparas a medida, lamparas vintage, luz vintage
About This Project

The Amarone restaurant, in the heart of Edinburgh, has taken advantage of the closure due to the pandemic to undergo a complete facelift and reopen with a completely renewed and most elegant look. This Italian gastronomy restaurant belongs to the DRG restaurant group. The project has been led by interior designer Jelena Kerr with custom lamps by Dajor Lighting Factory.
The striking lighting centerpiece, and the center of attention of the entire restaurant, is located in the Duomo, the enormous vaulted structure with more than seven meters high, which holds these seven interlocking Matilda pendant lamps from the Luz Vintage collection in different diameters. Circular in design, it has an elegant gold finish that highlights the warmth of the light. The series of transparent glass tubes acts as a distributor of the light, creating elegant and cozy atmospheres of warmth. Amber light goes well with hardwood floors and paneling, as well as window frames.
At Dajor Lighting Factory, we complement the lighting with Eliana vintage wall sconces, also by Luz Vintage next to the windows, to accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. We also manufacture custom wall sconces with a crystal ball with a brass fret. The curved structure and the glass ball grip provide it with a very sophisticated and stately design, as well as original. These lamps were placed next to the dining room tables.
For the bar area, we continue with the same style as with the wall lights: brass finish, crystal ball and sinuous structure for the ceiling lamps that are suspended over the cocktail area. It is a pendant light with three glass balls from a high ceiling, which provide grandeur to the space.
Finally, we finished the project by custom-manufacturing hanging ceiling lamps with fluted glass tubes, fastened together in a cluster. It works with an elongated bulb in the center of the crystals that produces a very pleasant soft and filtered light.