Casa Ozama Restaurant - Dajor
proyecto interiorismo y diseño de casa ozama de sevilla con lamparas de dajor iluminacion y la colección de Luz Vintage. Lamparas a medida de dajor con tela de fibras naturales
casa ozama, sevilla, iluminacion, lamparas, escultura, diseño, interiorismo
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Casa Ozama Restaurant

lamparas de techo casa ozama sevilla lamparas techo para casa ozama sevilla dajor iluminacion lamparas sevilla lamparas de techo a medida dajor luz vintage luminaria de interior flecos
casa ozama, diseño, iluminación, lámparas, restaurante, sevilla
About This Project

This exotic restaurant located in the center of Seville, is a project of the Donaire Arquitectos studio together with Persevera Producciones. From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the manufacture of some of the lamps and luminaires in this very chic place. The project starts from the reform of a modernist mansion, of almost 2,000m2, built at the beginning of the 20th century and with a interesting gastronomy,
Without a doubt, the lighting piece that stands out the most are these hanging lamps in the shape of an inverted umbrella that cover part of the ceiling of the restaurant. These are luminaires with custom lampshade of natural fibers and with four points of light each one that emit a soft warm light that illuminates the original elephant sculpture (work of Pistacho Design) that has become the hallmark of the restaurant.
For the lighting of one of the private rooms, we manufacture the Iris ceiling lamps in mauve fringes from Luz Vintage collection, supported by a golden crown and a fringes cascade in mauve tones to match the velvet chairs. Very elegant lamps.
Finally, we also manufacture illuminated signs with LED incorporarated to indicate and signal the inside of the restaurant. They are made with opal methacrylate light boxes and black finish frames.