Brunch & Cake Dubai - Dajor
proyecto de lamparas decorativas de interior, iluminación a medida, lámparas vintage, fabricación a medida de lámparas para proyectos dajor iluminación. Lámparas de techo colgante a medida, lámparas de pared, apliques de pared.
dubai, lamparas, iluminacion, dajor, iluminacion, vintage, luz vintage, lamparas colgantes
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Brunch & Cake Dubai

lamparas colagantes vintage dajor dajor iluminacion proyectos lamparas colgantes dajor aplique vintage ainhoa
About This Project

A family-business breakfast and homemade food chain based in Barcelona, has opened a store in the city of Dubai. Brunch & Cake is ruled by a philosophy and values where homemade, healthy and organic food has the absolute leading role.
For the premises opened in Dubai, with spectacular views of the city, predominate soft and light colors that convey tranquility and relaxation. In the furniture predominates light wood and white color combined with ocher, beige and earth tones. From Dajor Lighting Factory we are committed to simple and elegant lighting according with the values and design of the brand. To illuminate the restaurant area, we custom-made pendant lamps with opal glass balls hung at different heights. For the counter, using rigid cables we suspended a vintage ceiling lamp with a fluted glass tube and a warm LED strip integrated into the luminaire. This lamp creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere that invites you to enjoy homemade food.
In the coffee area, for the elegant tables, we put some very elegant and flirty table lamps, table lamps model Cayo are lined in corduroy fabric and with a fringed trim. They work with an integrated LED chip and autonomous battery. In our online store Luz Vintage is also available in a traditional format with cable and E27 bulb.
Finally, and for the toilets area, we also applied luminaires from our Luz Vintage collection, in this case they were the Ainhoa model wall lights, with a metallic base in a shiny gold finish and an opal linen LED. Two wall sconces were placed on both sides of each mirror, thanks to the opal linen led it does not produce glare or annoying shadows, ideal for illuminating dressers and bathrooms.