Maquiavelo restaurant in Seville - Dajor
lampara de pantalla de tela a medida de luz vintage y dajor iluminación para porche del restaurante maquiavelo de sevilla. Lampara geometrica de gran tamaño en tela beige. Luz Vintage expertos en iluminación vintage, iluminación a medida, iluminación interior, iluminación decorativa y pantallas para lámpara a medida
lamparas, custom, interiorismo, maquiavelo, iluminacion, diseño,
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Maquiavelo restaurant in Seville

luz vintage iluminacion dajor fabricacion pantallas a medida maquiavelo sevilla interiorismo lampara vintage a medida
custom, lámparas, lámparas a medida, luz vintage, pantallas para lamparas, sevilla
About This Project

One of the most important inaugurations of the year has taken nest to Guadalquivir (Seville, Spain). It is the exclusive Maquiavelo a completely innovative gastronomic restaurant. This restaurant located next to the river is characterized by its natural decoration: a large lake with scenery and gardens with more than a thousand species, including jasmine, palm trees, bonsai, bamboo…
The project was leader by Donaire Arquitectos together with the interior designer Juanjo Vega from Filamento Creativo Estudio. From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the decorative lighting of this spectacular garden restaurant.
To illuminate porches and pergolas, and to respect the decoration and the prevalence of natural materials, at Dajor we custom-manufacture these large ceiling lamps, with a geometric shape and a custom-made white fabric lampshade that acts as a diffuser. These original luminaires work with four very warm LED light bulbs to create a relaxed, intimate and calm atmosphere.