Training Center Planeta - Dajor
fabricacion a medida de la lampara de gran tamaño del centro planeta por dajor iluminacion proyecto lagranjadeisgn. Luminarias de gran tamaño sistema solar. Lampara gigante. Lampara de bolas de cristal en la escalera del centro planeta de hospitalet.
iluminacion, lamparas a medida, lamparas de gran tamaño, lamparas de gran formato, lamparas para escaleras
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Training Center Planeta

custom lamps dajor la granja design centro formacion planeta diseño lampara sistema solas centro planeta dajor lamparas custom made lampara colgante gran tamaño dajor
barcelona, custom made, iluminación, lámparas, lámparas a medida, lamparas gran tamaño, lighting
About This Project

A professional training space located in the cultural center of L’Hospitalet del Llobregat (Barcelona). More than 8,000m2 for the training and preparation of more than 4,000 students. The project, led by the interior design studio Lagranja Design, had the collaboration of Dajor Lighting Factory for the manufacture of the Eye Lamp.
The Eye Lamp is a lamp of extraordinary dimensions that vertically connects the eight floors of the training center. It was inspired by the Solar System and by the company’s own name, this custom-made lamp is made up of eight oversized opal globes, suspended and connected to each other by steel cables. Its rounded shapes break with the angular design of the stairs and emphasize the magnanimity of the building.
A professional lighting challenge in which we were delighted to collaborate. Large size lamps are one of our specialties, take a look at our Large Size Lamps projects and ask for information without obligation.