Hovarda London Restaurant & Bar - Dajor
lampara de techo a medida para restaurante en londres howarda lazaro rosa violan. lampara gran tamaño fabricada por dajor. Luces de techo pantallas a medida
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Hovarda London Restaurant & Bar

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About This Project

A luxury restaurant located in London’s Soho and with a unique gastronomy inspired by Greek and Turkish cuisine. This iconic restaurant is a project of Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán with custom lamps manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory.
With a large mural inspired by the sea dominating the room and with marked influences in Greece and the Byzantine Empire, at Dajor we custom-made pendant lamps with fringed fabric shades in brown and ocher tones. The fringes and lace are inspired by Turkish culture. To complement the lighting, we also made ceiling lights in a gold finish that create original plays of light and shadow. The framework of the ceilings is designed inspired by the sun and Byzantine landscapes.
We also custom-build a large chandelier at different heights with twelve shades of pleated white fabric in elegant ruffles. The warm light reflected on the screens acquires sandy and amber tones to match the oriental aesthetics of the premises. This large pendant lamp is strategically placed so that, even from the second floor, the details of the fabric and the light are appreciated. If you want to know more about our large custom lamps, check our website.