Hotel Basílica in Mallorca - Dajor
decorative lighting project for the basilica hotel in palma de mallorca with custom-made ceiling lamps with glass tubes and gold finish and vintage table lamps made of brass for the bedrooms
interior design, lamps, lighting, custom manufacturing, decoration, mallorca,
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Hotel Basílica in Mallorca

lampara fabricada a medida con tubos de cristal lampara de mesa de laton lamparas vintage de cristal lamparas de mesa vintage laton
decoración, decoration, design, diseño, hotel, hotel basilica, iluminación, interior design, interiorismo, lámparas, lamps, lighting, palma de mallorca
About This Project

An emblematic luxury hotel located in the historic center of Palma. Basilica was born after the restoration of an 18th-Century mansion and is named after the nearby Basílica de Sant Francesc. The building preserves the original floors, handmade in Mallorca, arches, wooden beams, and high ceilings, which are combined with the latest technologies.
Dajor Lighting Factory was commissioned to custom-make several of the enigmatic hotel lamps: for the lobby, we manufactured a round pendant lamp, made of a metal structure in the form of two circles, connected by glass tubes. The aged brass vintage finish provides elegance and sophistication to the piece. The glass tubes let the light through to draw original shapes and thus create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
The same ceiling lamp, except bigger and with an oval-shaped, is suspended above the front desk, to welcome guests with a soft and warm light.
For the rooms we manufactured custom-made vintage-style table lamps, with an articulated arm in aged brass finish that allows to regulate the reader focus. These lamps also play an important role in the decoration, since they provide the colorful accent to the hotel’s white rooms.