Sandor Restaurant - Dajor
proyecto de lamparas a medida para remodelacion del restaurante sandor en barcelona. Diseño de interiores integral, decoración vintage, proyecto de iluminación integral.
lamparas, barcelona, interiorismo, remodelacion, reforma, restaurante, iluminacion,
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Sandor Restaurant

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About This Project

Located in the iconic Francesc Macià square, in the center of Barcelona, the Sandor restaurant was given a design facelift last 2018, through a project by the interior designer Cristina Ortega which included Dajor Lighting Factory’s lamps.
The emblematic restaurant opened its doors in 1944. Its privileged position has turned its terrace into one of the most recognized views of Barcelona.
The restaurant is divided into three spaces: the bar, the terrace and the dining area. The essence of this place lies in the combination of noble materials, reminiscent of the nineteenth-century Catalan bourgeoisie, with more modern and urban touches that evoke the social change of today’s Barcelona. The end result is a warm and welcoming space to enjoy the essence of the city.
For the bar’s counter, Dajor Lighting Factory manufactured some custom-made pendant lamps, with a metallic structure in brass finish with a transparent glass ball and an amber glass bulb. The combination of gold and glass perfectly reflects the essence of Sandor: antiquity and modernity together in the same space. For the walls, we manufactured vintage style sconces with glass rods that multiply the light effect.
The lighting of the dining area sticks to the bar’s interior design style: ceiling lights made of brass and with glass balls, here with rigid branches to distribute the light more evenly. Matching these lamps, vintage brass wall sconces made of a rigid and curved stem with striated glass balls, which produce a soft warm light with a multiplier effect provided by the mirror that envelops the space.
Finally, and also for the dining area, Dajor designed a custom-made ceiling lamp with decorative light bulbs and flexible cables, illuminated by a vintage gold-domed bulb.