Hotel Chic&Basic Habana Hoose - Dajor
lámparas a medida, apliques de pared vintage a medida fabricados con una pantalla de tela artesana de colores con soporte metálico letras al láser para hotel chic and basic de barcelona. Reforma y rehabilitación de lámparas vintage para inaguración hotel - restaurante calle argenteria de Barcelona. Dajor Luz Vintage fábrica y tienda experta en iluminación vintage. Lámparas a medida para hoteles, restaurantes y negocios. Tienda on-line de lámparas vintage con descuentos para profesionales y modificaciones especiales en el acabado y las medidas de todas las lámparas de la web
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Hotel Chic&Basic Habana Hoose

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About This Project

Born in Scotland, inspired by La Havana and empowered by the British punk of the 70’s, this is how define itself the Chic&Basic Habana Hoose hotel located in Barcelona. With a classic but rogue facade, the interior design project, both, for the hotel itself and for the restaurant: the Carmina restaurant is a work of the Quintana Partners studio with manufactured lamps by the Dajor Lighting Factory.
For the Carmina restaurant, in an interior atrium surrounded by columns, we custom-made vintage wall sconces with an articulated arm and a handcrafted raffia fabric lampshade. Raffia is a natural textile fiber, the interweaving of fibers allows light to pass through in a warm and pleasant way, creating very relaxing environments.
The numbers of the rooms are made in a very original way: they are metallic support in a golden brass finish with laser-engraved numbers. On the support, anchored to the wall, a small wall lamp with a fabric colored lampshade projects the number in an original game of light and shadow on the wall. Both, the supports and the wall sconces have been manufactured by Dajor Lighting.
For the bathrooms in the rooms, we continue with the aesthetics of this rogue hotel, but classic, with wall sconces with a raffia lampshade and maroon fringes, that matches very well with the green and turquoise of the walls.
In the corridors, with a more Scottish inspiration, reminiscent of the hotel origins, with wicker furniture and checkered carpet, we placed the Violante ceiling lights, from our Luz Vintage collection: elegant recessed ceiling lights with a flower petal design in a brass finish and a methacrylate diffuser that transmits a very warm and pleasant environment. We finished the lighting project with personalized light signage, wall sconces and custom lampshades for all types of lamps.