MIU restaurant Madrid - Dajor
lampara de techo vintage diseño farol japonés con pantalla de lino fabricada a medida por dajor iluminacion expertos en fabricación de lámparas a medida para restaurantes, hoteles, retail... luz vintage lamparas a medida con descuentos a profesionales. Proyecto interiorismo decoración e interiorismo para restaurante japonés miu en madrid hotel axel grupo restauracion andilana lámpara de techo, lámpara colgante, lámparas vintage faroles andaluces
lámpara, farol, miu, fabricación, restaurante, andilana, madrid, lámpara colgante, dajor, luz vintage
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MIU restaurant Madrid

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About This Project

Placed in the Hotel Axel in Madrid (barrio de las Letras). The Japanese restaurant MIU makes its way into one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods of the city. It belongs to the Andilana restaurant group, MIU restaurants offers traditional Japanese gastronomy with an attractive bet for sushi lovers, wrapped in a modern and rogue aesthetic, but without losing oriental origins and traditions.
The bright red walls are mixed with earth-toned Japanese parchment murals, with drawings of cranes and bamboo forests that evoke the traditional oriental spirit. At Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of custom manufacturing the hanging lamps in the shape of vintage lanterns that illuminate the dining room.
The Faver vintage pendant lamps from the Luz Vintage collection are inspired by oriental paper lanterns, but instead of parchment, the lampshade is made of beige linen and the metal frame in a black finish that gives it a very modern touch, mixing the two styles that coexist in the restaurant. The linen fabric allows light to pass through in a warm and soft way, but avoids involuntary reflections, which makes it perfect for the dining area. We manufacture these lamps with a diameter of 20cm and 16cm, the length of the cable allows the hanging height of the lanterns to be adjusted to create spectacular effects. We also place some warm light Led bulbs to reinforce the pleasant, cozy and intimate atmosphere to enjoy dinner with the family.
Many of these ceiling lamps are hung in front of the Japanese murals to include them within the restaurant experience and highlight the details of the illustrations.