Lighting for Princess Yaiza
Dajor Iluminación es una empresa ubicada en Tarragona dedicada a la fabricación de iluminación a medida para proyectos de interiorismo, decoración, hoteles y restaurantes. Lámparas a medida de todos los estilos y formas para adaptarlas a tu gusto y decoración de interiores.
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Princesa Yaiza Hotel

custom lamps, dajor, iluminación, luz vintage
About This Project

At Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the Lighting for Princesa Yaiza. This elegant Hotel is located on the south-eastern coast of the island of Lanzarote, in Playa Blanca, a small fishing village located on the beachfront. This five-star resort is also characterized by being Pet Friendly, so that you and your pets can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing vacation.

For this luxurious hotel that has more than 385 rooms, we designed several lighting fixtures, including hanging lamps that set the mood for the establishment’s restaurants. All the hanging lamps manufactured for the premises follow a natural aesthetic, and the lampshades of all of them are made of fabric or natural fibers. We also designed several wall sconces to finish lighting the hotel. You can find some of these in the rooms located on the sides of the beds, these are wall lights with fabric shades just like the hanging ones we talked about previously. In the hallways we have another style of wall light, we manufacture wall lights finished in brass with five arms that hold five carved glass balls each and with black details, thus achieving an elegant and fine aesthetic.

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