Alcalá 99 restaurant - Dajor
proyecto de iluminación decorativa y fabricación de lámparas a medida de Luz Vintage Dajor Lighting Factory. Lámpara de techo a medida de siete metros de longitud con botellero latón envejecido. Lámparas techo. Apliques de pared vintage interior campana negro mate. Lámpara plafón de techo vintage negro mate foco lily con bombillas led. Proyecto de lámparas interiorismo
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Alcalá 99 restaurant

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About This Project

Located on Calle Alcalá (Madrid), this restaurant open its gates with spectacular new image that will surprise the customers. The reform project is a work of Eyd360 studio with Dajor Lighting Factory decorative lamps.
One of the luminaires that attracts the most attention as soon as you enter is the bottle rack lamp suspended over the bar counter. It is a large lamp made to measure in the shape of an “L” with a length of almost five meters by two meters in the curvature of the counter. With an original design made with a methacrylate tulips in the shape of a half sphere, placed alternately on the gold metal base. The final result is this impressive “snake” that emits a soft warm light reflected on the white marble of the counter. It matches with the beige upholstery of the stools. One part of the luminaire incorporates supports for hanging glasses. An impressive piece that captures all eyes.
In the rest of the restaurant’s interior design, it is important to distinguish the presence of natural light thanks to the white moldings and the light parquet floors. The blue and white feather pattern on the stools is the same pattern on the cushions and chairs to give continuity to the design. The interior design project ends with some exposed brick walls, ceilings with moldings and floral motifs and the entrance mosaic with continuity in the blue and beige of the upholstery.
For the dining area, Dajor custom-made a large ceiling lights with a minimalist design: it is a metal ring with integrated warm LED strips and a diameter of 130cm. The metal part is in an elegant aged brass effect finish. The dimensions of the ring are identical to the ceiling moldings, as a result in the soft and warm illumination of the floral details and motifs. Overall, it creates a relaxing and welcoming space to enjoy food.
We complement the lighting with the Coral vintage wall sconces from our Luz Vintage collection in a matt black finish and with an articulated ball joint to adapt it to the needs of each table. These wall lamps match the indigo upholstery of the sofas. We finished the lighting with vintage ceiling lights with a matt black Lily spotlight from Luz Vintage to reinforce the light in corridors and passageways. The finish is the same as the wall sconces to give integrity to the project.