Asoko restaurant in Valencia - Dajor
pantallas para lámparas fabricadas de manera artesana lámparas y luminarias a juego con la tapicería y las sillas del restaurante asoko valencia. Lámparas de techo colgante vintage. Lámparas colgantes vintage. Lampara con pantalla de rafia hecha a mano. Dajor iluminación fabricantes de pantallas a medida para todo tipo de lámparas. Pantallas custom para Lamparas vintage. luminarias vintage
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Asoko restaurant in Valencia

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About This Project

Asoko is an oriental food franchise, with premises throughout Valencia. It is ideal for sushi lovers. Each restaurant is a unique decorative and gastronomic experience. The interior design project is the work of the Francisco Segarra studio with custom lampshades manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory.
For the restaurant located in Valencia city, predominates classic oriental style, with wallpaper printed with Sakura trees, traversed by wooden slats, as a reference to the architecture of Japanese temples. At the interior design dominates by wood and brown, ocher tones with specific corners upholstered in red with patterns of flowers and butterflies in blue, green and light yellow.
From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the custom manufacturing of ceiling lamps with lampshade made by hand. For the table area and to match the earthy colours, we placed the Jasmina hanging ceiling lamp, from our Luz Vintage collection with a hand-made pagoda-type lampshade, clearly Japanese-inspired and made of raffia fabric with hanging fringes. These ceiling lamps produce a soft warm light and an elegant play of light thanks to the two cascades of fringes.
For the corners in red, at Dajor we custom-make hanging lamps with dome-shaped fabric lampshades. The fabric used is the same pattern as the upholstery of the sofas and chair: an elegant red background with spring motifs in pastel colors and finished off with black fringes. The complete set, accentuated with LED lighting, makes up an oriental-inspired corner with warm and intense colors that inevitably attract attention and invite the diner to enjoy both the decoration and the gastronomy of the restaurant.