proyecto de diseño y fabricación de lámparas a medida, lámparas de techo, lámparas colgantes y apliques de pared de interior para restaurante apriori barcelona. Restaurante con ambiente apriori diseño interior con lámparas y luminarias fabricadas a medida por Dajor Lighting Factory
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About This Project

Tuset street in Barcelona is popular again in young people, so it is the chosen area to open Apriori restaurant. The project is a work of interior design of Quintana Partners. It has simple dishes and offers live acoustic music and DJ nights.

Inside the premises there are two well differentiated rooms. One for those who want breakfast or lunch in an environment with a retro aesthetic. Another one for those looking for the night atmosphere. For this reason, in the first room, predominate tones like green and scarlet with touches of wood and mirrors that provide a comfort atmosphere. Downstairs, however, the space is identified by the color red: lamps, LED panels, velvet armchairs… And a bar, but this time for cocktails. Undoubtedly, the lighting in both rooms has been a key piece in the interior design of the premises.

In hand with Dajor Lighting Factory and with some pieces available in the Luz Vintage online shop, Quintana Partners has achieved a space with the ideal light for a restaurant reminiscent of classic New York cafeterias and a room in red that after dinner turns into a dance floor. The upstairs dining room is decorated with Luz Vintage’s Tamara model ball wall lamps. This vintage-style ceiling lamp is made from a metal structure in an aged brass finish with a circular base that holds an opal glass ball. It is minimalist-style and emits a diffused and warm light that creates a very cozy atmosphere.

The fringed pendant lamps are custom-made and the table lamps also by Luz Vintage are the Nadia model. It is available in various colors and emits a warm pleasent light so you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with great comfort. They are a wireless autonomous nightstand model. Its charging operation is through a USB port and its battery lasts 12 hours. In addition, the light is adjustable by touch according to the effect you want. In both rooms we also see wall sconces such as Bastián or Adriel by Luz Vintage. Both have an aged brass effect finish that gives a style between retro and vintage to the room.

Downstairs, the room is endowed with a filament of a large number of dimmable chrome bulbs that provide the necessary complementary lighting together with the Nadia table lamp. They emit warm light in an indirect way and provide the space with the low lighting that characterizes it. In addition, we also used Charles table lamp, which mushroom-shape in a shiny brass effect finish. They are also wireless and touch dimmable like the previous model. However, the piece that attracts the most attention are the LED panels for the wall, handcrafted by Dajor. These are in charge of emitting the red light to the entire room with style thanks to its custom design.