Proyecto de iluminacion restaurante Paris con iluminacion led vintage fabricado en españa a medida. Restaurante grupo Nouvelle Garde con lamparas fabricadas a medida.
lamparas, iluminacion, apliques de pared, estilo vintage, lamparas a medida
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Brasserie Martin diseño por Laura Caner de B3DESIGNERS con iluminación de Dajor Aplique de pared de Dajor Lighting Factory en espejo de Brasserie Martin encuentra aplique pared Ceres en brasería grupo Nouvelle Garde
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About This Project

Placed at the eastern Paris we find the third brasserie of the Nouvelle Garde group. Brasserie Martin is a restaurant that offers classics French cooking “faite maison”. It is a work of interior designer Laura Caner, from the B3 DESIGNERS group, established in London, with the aim of restaurateurs in homage to the French lifestyle.
The inspiration for this restaurant has been to evoke a harmonious place reminiscent of a classic brasserie as well as a home. Therefore, we can see that the lights are warm in a natural environment, even accompanied by vegetation in some spaces. It predominates  copper and emerald contrasts, a nod to the past with a retro interior design.
The Ceres wall lamps by Luz Vintage in an aged brass effect finish and a retro-vintage style. They are designed and manufactured in Spain by Dajor Lighting Factory and you can find them in our Luz Vintage collection. This vintage wall light with a striped glass tube and a golden structure is made up of a frame made of a glass tube with a golden metal support. The elegance of the wall lamp makes it a perfect piece to illuminate mirrors as we can see in this design, giving space amplitude, or as an interior wall lamp, giving a vintage touch with its warmth.