Proyecto Contract: BAM Karaoke in París - Dajor
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Proyecto Contract: BAM Karaoke in París

Another of Pablo Peyra’s projects, a new Asian karaoke box has opened a new club on Rue de Caumartin, Paris. The interior design of BAM Karaoke has earned a space in the Proyecto Contract magazine.
Like its partner in Madrid, the interior design of Bam Karaoke is inspired by the passage of the time: a classic building where vegetation and wood take center stage “devouring” the traditional furniture of the Parisian scene.
At Dajor Lighting Factory we manufacture custom-made wall sconces and ceiling lights in the shape of a honeycomb, with a structure and base in brass and opal glass faces to shade the warm amber light. The design of the luminaires combines with the exoticism offered by the earth tones, the wooden floors and the vegetation on the ceiling.

BAM Karaoke in Madrid:

BAM Karaoke in París (Proyecto Contract):

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