Bam Karaoke Box - Dajor
custom lamps for local bam karaoke in madrid with interior design by pablo peyra studio and glass ceiling lamps manufactured by dajor lighting factory
lamps, madrid, interior design, lighting, pablo peyra,
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Bam Karaoke Box

diseño de interiores pablo peyra y lamparas dajor barra de bar karaoke bam pablo peyra plafon de techo fabricado por dajor para local en madrid aplique pared para cuadros dorado
bam karoke, custom lamps, design, diseño de interiores, iluminación, interior design, interiorismo, lámparas, lamps, lighting, madrid, pablo peyra
About This Project

“Karaoke box” Asian format of karaoke has arrived in Madrid, by the interior designer Pablo Peyra Studio and custom lamps manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory.
Bam Karaoke Box consists in private and soundproofed rooms equipped with a karaoke and a careful decoration and lighting. The objective is turn into the private box in a party where enjoy singing and dancing with your friends.
For the new pub in Madrid, Dajor Lighting Factory was responsible to custom-make the lamps in the main hall and some of the “boxes”.
Pablo Peyra Studio chose an interior design with a certain exotic touch: they bet on black wood, brown and ochre tones and natural plants. In accordance with this design, Dajor manufactured lamps that can be placed as wall sconces or as ceiling panels. These luminaires are made with a metal structure in brass colour and opal glass to create very warm and cosy amber light effects, to match the aesthetics and purpose of the place: sing and dance as if you were at home.
These same wall sconces, but with a whiter light, are placed in the form of a ceiling panel in the main entrance and as lighting for the cocktail bar.
For one of the “karaoke box” that had an interior design with touches of industrial design, we made custom wall lamps with a polycarbonate tube, matching the LED lights hidden behind the sofas. To give elegance and light to the room, we make some wall lights in brass to highlight the sheets of the wall.