Shopping Center Sevilla Fashion Outlet - Dajor
proyecto de fabricacion a medida de lamparas de techo para un centro comercial en sevilla. coleccion de lamparas de madera fabricadas por dajor iluminación. Lamparas de techo en acabado latón de gran formato.
dajor, dajor lighting factory, lamparas, lamparas a medida, lamparas de techo
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Shopping Center Sevilla Fashion Outlet

lampara de pared tulipa de vidrio lampara de gran formato marca dajor lampara marca dajor en sevilla luminaria led integrado calido techo lampara cilindro led luz calida lamapra de techo colgante cilindro luz calida
custom lamps, design, interior design, lámparas a medida, lighting, sevilla
About This Project

Located on the outskirts of Seville, this shopping center has more than thirty of the best national clothing brands for men, women and children, a tourist office and restaurants.
At Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the manufacture of the decorative lamps: To complement the lighting in the corridors, we made custom wall sconces with opal white glass lampshades. The function of these wall lamps is to supplement the main ceiling light.

For open spaces, we made large format lamps made from two overlapping metal rings, in an elegant brass finish. From each ring hangs a path of brass cylinders with warm bulbs at the end of each. The overlapping of the rings and the cylinder holding cable creates a very original lighting effect.

Lastly, we also manufacture a measure of a collection of ceiling lamps with opal glass cylinders and a golden metallic framework in different shapes and sizes that specify a very warm light to create comfortable atmospheres and spend a relaxed day of shopping.