Be Live Hotel La Cala Boutique - Dajor
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Be Live Hotel La Cala Boutique

lamparas fabricadas por dajor para hotel be live la cala lamparas mesita de noche suite hotel apliques de interior mesita de noche negro mate suite hotel suite hotel be live la cala con iluminacion dajor plafon de techo vintage Ida con tulipas de cristal ambar lampara colgante vintage lobby hotel la cala mallorca iluminacion a medida libreria lobby hotel mallorca aplique vintage de pared modelo eteria de luz vintage lampara colgante vintage pantalla blanca para mostrador
hotel, iluminación, lámparas, lamparas vintage, mallorca
About This Project

Located on the coast of Marivent (Mallorca), in front of Cala Mayor and just five minutes from Palma de Mallorca. Be Live La Cala has a direct access to the sand and is designed for relaxation and disconnection. The renovation and interior design of the Be Live La Cala Boutique hotel were the work of Eyd360 with manufactured lamps by Dajor Lighting.
For this hotel, at Dajor Lighting Factory we custom-made elegant vintage table lamps inspired by old bank lamps. With a body in an aged brass effect finish and a green glass shade. We placed these table lamps on the bedroom desks and complemented the lighting with designer vintage footlight-inspired wall sconces in a sleek matte black finish with warm light that provides a modern touch against the white canopies.
In the buffet area, we wanted to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere that would invite guests to enjoy a long and comfortable meal, for this reason we manufactured ceiling lamps (model Ida of Luz Vintage) in the shape of a grapes and made up of a of amber glass balls that produce a pleasant warm light, a sensation reinforced by the color of the glass. In addition, the ceiling panels are finished in the same way as the doors and picture frames, creating brilliant reflections on the wooden floor.
For the common areas such as the lobby and the bookstore, at Dajor we custom-make ceiling lamps with circular shades in perforated sheet metal with an aged brass effect finish that create a very original play of warm light. The design of the lamps combines with the pattern of the cushions and rugs and the gray upholstery of the sofas. Also with details in wood. In the bookstore, on the other hand, with an interior design where leather and noble wood predominate, we placed a wall sconce illuminating Amarilis paintings in patiné finish above the fireplace and some simple, but very elegant articulated wall sconces with classic lampshades in white cloth illuminating the shelves.
We finished the manufacture of Dajor lamps with wall sconces with integrated LED tubes for the bathrooms, industrial-style table lamps, with pipe-lattice design feet and a fabric lampshade for the bedrooms, and vintage-style pendant lamps. industrial with a white metal shade for the bar counter and floor lamps with taped shades for the common areas.