Abrines jewelry - Dajor
fabricacion a medida de la lampara para el atelier de la joyeria abrines lampara iluminacion lamparas vintage diseño interiorismo pablo baruc dajor iluminación expertos en lamparas a medida para tiendads, locales de lujo, hoteles y restaurantes. Lampara de gran tamaño con tiras de led retroiluminable.
lamparas, lampara de techo, lampara a medida, abrines, joyeria, pablo baruc
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Abrines jewelry

lampara mostrador joyeria abrines interiorista pablo baruc lampara techo joyeria abrines lampara a medida tira de led retroiluminable lamparas de techo
joyería abrines, lámparas a medida, lámparas de gran tamaño
About This Project

The new atelier and boutique of the Abrines jewelry has opened its doors in Tetuán street. It is located in a historic building on Seville and with premises of more than 600m2, Abrines has become the largest jewelry store in Andalusia and a reference brand throughout the country.
The project is a work of Ingravitto architecture studio and the interior designer Pablo Baruc with custom lighting manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory.
For this place we take care of manufacturing the elegant and original lamp in the center of the atelier. It is a large lamp made up of three circular structures of more than two meters in diameter with LED strips focus on the reception and matching with the discreet and elegant lighting of the premises, as well as creating an effect in the reflection of black marble. The finish of the lamp is in an elegant gold effect as a reference to jewelry.
Under the luminaire we incorporated a metallic structure with a glass tray that covers the entire diameter of the lamp and that can be used as a showcase or counter. We also added an LED strip backlighting the glass.