Radisson Red Madrid Hotel - Dajor
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Radisson Red Madrid Hotel

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About This Project

Radisson Red is the most rogue lifestyle hotel of the Radisson hotel group. It is designed with the spirit and personality of the millennial generations: elegant but fun. Classic art combined with technology, modernity and red as a main color. The boutique hotel has opened its new establishment in Madrid. Dajor Lighting Factory custom-made lamps for the restaurants.
One of the hotel’s restaurants, NKO, is a fusion gastronomy between Basque and Japanese cuisine. Like the name of the hotel itself, red is the main color, both on walls and on armchairs and upholstery. The contrast with this very modern look is provided by paintings and works of art inspired by Renaissance and Baroque.
Among the works of art, we placed Luz Vintage’s Ariel vintage wall sconces with a glass rod shade. The warm amber light creates an original contrast with the red walls. For the dining area, we placed the Jezebel ceiling lamps: vintage pendant lamps with a dome-shaped metal lampshade in a brass effect finish with an elegant and original design. In this same restaurant, we complement the lighting with the Agilea vintage wall light, with an Art-Deco design with an opal glass lampshade and an elegant sinuous structure in an aged brass finish. Continuing with the contrasting style of the Radisson Red, these classic design sconces are placed on a grey brick wall with retro paintings. Next to this stage, we finish the lighting with the details of the Fede vintage table lamps with a thick base in a brass effect finish and glass balls of different sizes to create unique compositions.
For the NKO dining room, we custom-made a spectacular large ceiling lamp from a rectangular metal structure over 4 meters long with white acrylic lampshades placed alternately at the top and bottom of the structure, thus creating a and a very original play of light and shadow. This beautiful lighting is accompanied by the very elegant Chiara wall sconces with a geometric design with a metallic framework on the shade that creates forms of light and shadow in its reflection against the wall.
In a room with more neutral tones: grays, leathers, ochres, and noble woods, although following the same decoration characteristic: Victorian paintings in modern design, we place, among the works of art: the Barney wall sconces, with their route of glass tubes that spread the light in different directions that brings elegance and sophistication to the design.
In conclusion, an elegant but fun hotel designed for the most rogue generation to enjoy the essence of the center of the capital.