Hotaru Restaurant in Madrid - Dajor
proyecto de diseño y fabricación de lámparas a medida, lámparas de techo, lámparas colgantes y apliques de pared de interior para un restaurante en madrid. Restaurante hotaru madrid comida japonesa diseño interior local estudio eyd 360 con lámparas y luminarias fabricadas a medida por Dajor Lighting Factory
lamparas, lampara techo, lampara colgante, iluminacion, lamparas vintage, apliques de pared
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Hotaru Restaurant in Madrid

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About This Project

Placed at Alcalá 99 street in Madrid, Hotaru restaurant offers a unique gastronomic experience: a fusion of Japanese cuisine with food of other parts of the world. Chef Alejandro Pérez signs the menu of this restaurant that will love sushi lovers and lovers of luxury cuisine.
The interior design project is a work of the Eyd360 studio, with Japan as the main inspiration. It predominated aged wood, ocher and earth tones and oriental prints. From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the manufacture of custom lamps.
As soon as you enter you find the sculpture of a blue sumo wrestler who welcomes diners. Right behind we find a huge bottle rack lamp custom made to light the exotic cocktails. With an “L”-shaped and almost five meters in total length: it consists of a metal structure in a brass-effect finish with a route of white methacrylate lampshades that emit a soft warm light and are placed successively to create an effect impressive light.
At Dajor we take care of a part of the technical lighting, manufacturing rails with LED spotlights in a brass-effect artisan finish to illuminate the sushi bar and to complement the lighting. To illuminate and highlight the paintings and decorations on the walls, Amarilis wall sconce from our Luz Vintage collection were placed in a matt patiné finish, a classic that never goes out of style. Lastly, we also manufacture the metal arms that hold the fabric lampshades that light the tables and the lanterns at the entrance in a rust brown effect finish.