Lighting in Varela Café - Dajor
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Lighting in Varela Café

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About This Project

Located in Madrid, on Calle Preciados, this café-restaurant has more than a century of history. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, it was a place for social gatherings where the most famous writers on the Spanish scene met: Machado brothers, Miguel de Unamuno or Emilio Carrere among others. Recently, it has become a centrally located restaurant specializing in traditional Galician cuisine and wine.
At Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of manufacturing the lamps and lighting for the restaurant: to welcome diners, we make a huge vintage ceiling lamp with glass balls in a smoked finish on a knot of rigid stems in antique brass finish. The warm light diffused thanks to the finish of the balls. It is distributed throughout the room providing warmth and a cozy atmosphere so that customers feel at home.
With this objective to create  warmth and welcoming spaces, for the dining room, we placed Heloisa vintage hanging lamps, available in our Luz Vintage catalogue. It is a transparent glass ball with a brass fretwork suspended by a chain. It transmits a very pleasant warm light.
We complement the lighting with vintage ceiling lights with amber glass balls of different sizes distributed in the shape of a grapes. It works with 21 LED bulbs, with E27 lampholder, that produce a very pleasant warm light. This ceiling light with amber glass balls Ida, 120cm in diameter, can be purchased on our Luz Vintage website. With these luminaires in the restaurant’s dining room, we also custom-made ceiling lamps with a design inspired by a lantern but with four warm LED strips located inside opalized methacrylate tubes. At Luz Vintage we are experts in LED lighting and vintage lamps. You can buy the Ivet lamp with vintage LED tubes in our catalogue. Together, the three lamps form a warm and welcoming space to convey the essence of the Café on the beginning of the century and clandestine gatherings between writers.
We finished the lighting with a vintage wall sconces with scratched glass balls. These are the Dámaris (two balls) and Dione (one ball) wall lamps in hand-blown scratched glass and with structures in an aged brass finish. Luz Vintage wall sconces are distributed throughout the restaurant, illuminating the wallpaper as a bookcase and the famous faces that once occupied those same spaces.