Hotel Preciados - Dajor
fabricacion y diseño de lamparas led y luminarias. Lamparas de techo colgante anillo de led integrado luz calida. Apliques de pared vintage con varillas de cristal y estructura dorado brillante. Dajor Luz Vintage expertos en lamparas led y apliques de pared vintage. Apliques de pared foco lector chip de led 2W luz cálida para cama. Lamparas cama matrimonio. Iluminacion a medida. Fabricacion lampara de techo pantallas de tela hechas a mano. Dajor y luz vintage expertos en lamparas e iluminacion vintage y lamparas contract. Lamparas iluminacion hotel preciados madrid diseño interiorores
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Hotel Preciados

lampara colgante anillo led calida integrado anillo led luz calida uxia lobby hotel aplique de pared vintage varillas cristal led preciados dajor iluminacion apliques de pared lampara colgante dajor pantalla de tela a medida
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About This Project

Located in Madrid, in Calle Preciados, five minutes from Plaza del Sol and very close to the main tourist attractions of the city. The Hotel Preciados is located in a building from the 19th century, but with all the elegance and class of modernity.
From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the manufacture of the lamps and luminaires of this emblematic hotel. For the lobby, to give a warm welcome to the guests, we custom-made large hanging lamps with a modern, minimalist and innovative design. These are integrated LED rings of different sizes suspended by tensor cables. They produce a warm, soft and pleasant light to create a cozy atmosphere for guests.
For the suites, we light up both sides of the double beds with vintage wall sconces with glass rods and a shiny gold frame. The Darey vintage wall lights are powered by two candle-shaped E14 LED bulbs, which produce a soft warm light that invites you to relax before bed. Wall lamps in bedrooms are a trend in interior design and decoration. You will find the Darey wall lamp in our Luz Vintage catalogue. We also arranged some wall lamps with a reading spotlight and integrated LED chip, very comfortable and practical, to guide and direct the light to adapt it to the needs of each person. These wall lights with a reading light and integrated LED are available in Luz Vintage.
We complement the lighting in the bedrooms with pendant lamps with an original design with two fabric lampshades of different textures that produces a very pleasant soft warm light. These ceiling lamps combine with dark wood and gray and earth tones of the room.