Palmaroga hotel in Asunción - Dajor
fabricacion de lamparas a medida para hotel en paraguay. Luz Vintage Dajor iluminacion lampara techo katalin con pantalla cristal opal iluminacion LED. Lampara de techo colgante LEA marca luz vintage lampara colgante restaurante con bolas cristal. Lamparas fabricadas por dajor colección luz vintage. Interiorismo diseño rita roses de barcelona. Proyecto hotel en paraguay
lamparas, iluminacion, diseño, luminarias, interiorismo, dajor, luz vintage, paraguay
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Palmaroga hotel in Asunción

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diseño, hotel, interiorismo, lámparas, luz vintage
About This Project

In the city of Asunción (Paraguay) this hotel is a work from interior designer Rita Rosés. This emblematic building with more than a hundred years of history has been renovated to become one of the most emblematic hotels in the country. With neoclassical architecture, it was a campus for government agencies of Paraguay. In 2019, and respecting the foundations and essence of the building, it became the luxurious Hotel Palmaroga. From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the decorative lighting.
For the lobby, we placed the Katalin pendant lamps from our Luz Vintage collection of vintage lamps. These are very elegant lamps, with a structure decorated in an aged brass finish. This lamp is made from twelve sides of semi-opal acrylic material that creates an elegant atmosphere of very pleasant warm light.
For the restaurant, we placed several hanging lamps at different heights. Lea vintage pendant lamps have a structure reminiscent of an atom, in a shiny gold finish and twenty opal glass balls and with a total diameter of 130cm. It creates a very pleasant and comfortable environment. The Lea ceiling lamp is available in our vintage lighting store Luz Vintage.