H10 Rubicon Palace Hotel - Dajor
proyecto de lamparas de techo y lamparas de pie fabricadas a medida para un hotel en Lanzarote. Lamparas customizadas fabricadas a medida por Dajor Lighting Factory
lamparas led, lamparas a medida, lamparas de techo, lamparas de pie, pantallas de lamparas.
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H10 Rubicon Palace Hotel

lampara de techo customizada para hotel lampara para cabecero de la cama lampara colgante dajor iluminacion lampara de techo vintage colgante led luminaria techo lamparas lampara de techo fabricada a medida dajor iluminacion lamparas colgante para restaurante cadena h10 lampara a medida barra de bar
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About This Project

Located on the first line of the famous Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, this hotel was recently renovated to become a 5-star Resort for the enjoyment of the whole family. This hotel stands out for its impressive interior design that incorporates elements and colors characteristic of the island: white, green, black and blue tones.
For a resort of these characteristics, at Dajor Lighting Factory we manufacture various decorative lamps and luminaires to suit every corner of the hotel: in the Privilege Room we manufacture a custom pendant ceiling lamps made from a metal ring in an elegant brass finish, which serves as a support structure for the built-in warm led strips. It produces a soft warm light ideal for creating intimate and comfortable environments. The lamp falls suspended by three tension cables and a metal chain attached to a rosette.
For the bedrooms, we made some white ceramic ceiling lights suspended on each side of the head of the bed. Bright white is a color that transmits calm and relax, in addition to combining very well with the light tones of the Canarian sands. A very original way to illuminate a room: under each lamp, we also install an adjustable reading spotlight for greater guest comfort.