"La Txulapona" Restaurant - Dajor
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“La Txulapona” Restaurant

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About This Project

Located in Ciudad Lineal (Madrid) with a very interesting gastronomic bet inspired by traditional Basque and Madrid cuisine. La Txulapona restaurant is characterized by its large space with high ceilings and wood as the main element, along with rustic touches that add warmth and intimacy to the environment.
For this restaurant, round pendant lamps, Matilda, up to 120cm in diameter, will be placed in the main room from our Luz Vintage collection in an elegant gold finish and transparent glass tubes to create original shapes with the light. These vintage lamps are an original brand of the house that offers originality and a lot of personality to the place.
We also placed the elegant Tegra ceiling lamps, also by Luz Vintage: imposing metallic structures in a black finish with pearl glass balls, it produces a soft warm amber light that gives a lot of personality to the place. To match these lamps and to support the ceiling lighting, at Dajor Lighting Factory we manufacture vintage wall sconces with amber glass balls. Melody vintage wall sconces are available in Luz Vintage.
Finally, we also put some large vintage wall sconces, with a matt black finish structure, to give continuity to the lighting and some opalized glass lampshades to filter the light. These wall lights are almost one meter high and are available in our collection Luz Vintage as Art-Deco Melina lamps.
Finally, the corridors are illuminated by ceiling panels in a matte white finish with a 25cm diameter glass ball. A discreet and elegant lighting solution. Telma vintage ceiling lamps are also part of our Luz Vintage collection.