Onecowork Portal de l'Àngel - Dajor
lamparas de techo apliques de pared y lamparas de mesa de la marca de iluminacion luz vintage para las zonas comunes y despachos y oficinas de barcelona. Iluminacion para hoteles, oficinas lamparas oficinas y despachos. Luz Vintage tienda de lámparas on-line y proyectos de iluminacion a medida lamparas onecowork barcelona diseño de interiorismo
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Onecowork Portal de l’Àngel

lampara de diseño vintage chandelier dorado modelo diana lamparas colgantes vintage arrossane cupula vidrio aplique de pared vintage interior lamparas pared negro mate lampara para pared de uso interior modelo elihud lampara colgante vintage modelo safira en acabado blanco mate
barcelona, dajor, iluminación, lámparas, luz vintage, onecowork
About This Project

Coworking is an increasingly solution used by many freelancers or small businesses to share collaborative workspaces. The company Onecowork creates these spaces in a sustainable way and has opened its third office in Barcelona, in Portal de l’Àngel. With a multitude of spaces to adapt to all types of workers, teams and companies. The interior design of this new office is a work of Néstor Veloso. From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the custom manufacturing of decorative lamps.
For the dining room and snack bar area, under a counter, we placed a large Diana ceiling lamp, from our brand Luz Vintage, an elegant chandelier in a brass effect finish with a route of transparent glass tubes that create an atmosphere of light warm perfect for creating pleasant environments to rest for a while during the meal. In the same area, we placed some pendant ceiling lamps with a dome-shaped glass lampshade, model Arrosane, on a white marble top with gray veins and upholstered stools in different earth tones: indigo and with animal print and exotic print to give it a a touch of colour.
For shared work areas, we placed a series of wall sconces with a right-angled frame and a black metal shade that casts direct light onto the desk. The wall light is placed at a sufficient height to avoid annoying glare or reflections. Joanne wall sconces are available in our online store Luz Vintage. Continuing with the wall sconces tour, for one of the rest areas, we placed the Elihud vintage wall sconces with a ball joint that allows the movement of the lamp to adjust it. The Elihud wall lamp has an opal white glass shade and an elegant aged brass finish that matches very well with the gray finish of the upholstery and the black of the tables.
For the work areas with shared desks, we places Safira vintage Nordic-style hanging lamps in a matt white finish that form part of the general lighting, while, for the desks, at Dajor, we also custom-make table lamps with mobile screen in black finish of the desks: simple but elegant and functional designs.
Undoubtedly, an eclectic interior design where comfort and the environment predominate so that workers can fully explore their creative abilities.