Ravioxo by Dabiz Muñoz - Dajor
proyecto iluminacion a medida paneles de luz calida led integrado para iluminacion restaurante ravioxo dabiz muñoz paseo la castellana corte ingles gourmet madrid diseñados lazaro rosa-violan. Lamparas a medida fabricadas por dajor lighting factory empresa especializada en fabricacion paneles con luz para grandes restaurante hoteles de lujo. Lamparas techo, lampara interior aplique de pared
LED, ravioxo, dabiz muñoz, corte ingles, lazaro rosa-violan, iluminacion, lamparas, interiorismo
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Ravioxo by Dabiz Muñoz

esfera focos de luz ravioxo iluminacion a medid dajor esfera luna llena focos de luz cocteleria ravioxo lamparas e iluminacion paneles con focos de luz paneles luminosos focos de luz ravioxo dajor lamparas iluminacion focos de luz lazaro rosa violan plafon techo iluminacion con luz led foco de luz plafon de techo iluminacion foco con luz
dabiz muñoz, iluminación, iluminacion a medida, interiorismo, lazaro rosa-violan, madrid, proyecto iluminacion, ravioxo, restaurantes
About This Project

The new restaurant in the UniverXO, the restaurants of the “Best Chef in the World”, Dabiz Muñoz. RavioXO is located on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, inside Corte Inglés de Castellana, the company’s flagship. Design by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, who has opted for a cosmopolitan and refined environment. It predominates noble materials such as marble with gray veins, metallic finishes and burgundy and brown upholstery. From Dajor Lighting Factory we custom-make the lamps and lighting for the restaurant.
As soon as you enter the restaurant, all eyes are drawn to a large ceiling lamp inspired by the full moon. It is a metallic semi-sphere with more than two meters in diameter and with light sources strategically placed in the holes to distribute the lighting. The handcrafted finish and metallic materials match the design of the restaurant. This large structure is placed in the cocktail counter area.
For the rest of the restaurant, we custom-made the housings for the spotlights: they are rectangular structures prepared to house points of light placed in parallel and of different sizes. These light panels are installed in the rails that surround the space and illuminate the diners’ area and the staff passage areas. The lighting is complemented by this same structure, in a narrower way and with a single lane of light sources.
Lastly, at Dajor we also manufacture circular warm light spotlights to create cozy and industrial-style inspired atmospheres to complement the lighting, following the cosmopolitan line of the rest of the premises.