Grill Corner Restaurant - Dajor
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Grill Corner Restaurant

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grill corner, lámparas, luz vintage, oazis, pagoda, restaurante, vintage
About This Project

The Oasiz shopping center (Madrid) is a point for leisure and shopping in the city, thanks, among other things, to its emblematic artificial lake.
the Grill Corner restaurant (by Casa Carmen) is surrounded by greenery and in a privileged place near the lake. Ocher and brown tones predominate in the decoration: light wood and blue and burgundy velvet to give it a touch of color. The interior design evokes forests and nature, with ceilings covered in vegetation and palm trees illuminated with garlands and walls covered with bits of wood.
For the lighting at Dajor and Luz Vintage, we custom-made the pendant lamps for this beautiful restaurant: the star of this project is the Jasmina pendant lamp, with a burlap pagoda lampshade with a hanging fringes. With a vintage boho-ethnic style, it this lamp rovides an exotic touch to the dining area. It produces soft, warm and diffused lighting that pleasantly accompanies the food, avoiding reflections to the lampshade’s textile fabric.
As a complement to the Jasmina vintage lamps, we also custom-make the Greta pendant ceiling lamps, from the Luz Vintage collection. With lampshades of more conventional design in toasted linen and trimmed in brown fringes, to match the rest of the lamps. The linen fabric allows light to pass through more discreetly than the Jasmina lamp, creating more intimate and close environments. Although the design of the lampshade is more traditional, the finish of the fringes provides that exotic touch in keeping with the nature of the premises itself.
We finish this project with the Dalmar vintage table lamps, table lamps with an aged brass effect finish and a dome-shaped lampshade in toasted linen with brown fringes that give it the same exotic touch that matches the rest of the decoration. . They are placed between the table dividers, acting as a division of the zones. The visual impact of these lamps is enhanced by the Japanese-inspired bird illustrations placed behind the hallway, continuing the design of the pagoda lamps.