Pirata tapas-bar - Dajor
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Pirata tapas-bar

luminarias vintage regleta techo bar pirata palamos iluminacion tienda online proyectos de lamparas y apliques lamparas de techo vintage colgante para Bar Pirata ubicado en Palamós fabricadas por Dajor
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About This Project

This original tapas bar-restaurant in Palamós (Girona) has an original decoration inspired by a pirate cave and an excellent cuisine. The project is a work of My Little Orchards by Dani Camós, a platform specialized in the ideation and creation of creative concepts for restaurants and hotels.
Bar Pirata” is located in an old and iconic building, with exposed bricks and walls and vaulted ceilings. The walls themselves, the vaults and the arches served to guide the distribution of the tables, taking advantage of the corners and gaps. The floors in brown tones and the warm lighting, where amber light predominates, give this place a tavern or pirate cave atmosphere that invites you to stay and enjoy.
From Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the custom manufacturing of the hanging lamps and the ceiling spotlights of the Bar Pirata in Palamós. To light the tables of this original pirate tavern, we custom-made pendant lamps with 150cm-long strips and four articulated spotlights in an aged brass finish. Arranged at the corresponding height, these ceiling lamps avoid unnecessary glare and reflections and creates an original cave atmosphere. Thanks to the joint placed in each spotlight, they allow the distribution of light to accommodate it to the needs of the premises. With these lamps, we custom-make ceiling lights with a spotlight, also in an aged brass finish. As in the ceiling lamps, the joint allows the orientation of the spotlight to accentuate or complement the lighting of specific points or spaces.
As a final result, at Dajor Lighting Factory we create warm lighting for a cozy atmosphere that invites you to relax and enjoy, but without breaking the original concept of a “pirate tavern” created by My Little Orchards.