Biotope Restaurant - Dajor
lamparas de techo vintage iluminacion farol andaluz dajor lighting factory iluminacion lamparas farol de cristal vintage fabricadas de manera artesanal para restaurante ubicado en suiza. Luz Vintage Dajor Lighting Factory expertos en lámparas e iluminación vintage. Farol andaluz lampara techo colgante caras en cristal ácido. Iluminación lámparas luminarias bombillas led fabricadas a medida
lamparas, lámpara, farol, colgante, iluminacion, restaurante, suiza
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Biotope Restaurant

lamparas iluminacion lamparas de techo vintage iluminacion dajor lamparas iluminacion dajor
About This Project

On last year, we collaborated in the lighting of this restaurant located in the city of Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland). The Biotope Restaurant inspired by nature, with green and light wood as the protagonists of the place, that transmits peace and harmony. The reform is a work by the Dexo Contract studio. It consists of five spaces set in nature: flora, fauna, water, air and land.
At Dajor Lighting Factory we take care of the production of Andalusian design lanterns. With measures of 30x30cm and made in an artisan way. This vintage Andalusian lantern ceiling lamp is made with eight sides of acid-etched glass and a very elegant black lacquered metal frame. Semi-opal glass diffuses light and is perfect to avoid unnecessary and unwanted glare.
In the Biotope restaurant, these pendant lamps were placed at different heights suspended above the food counters. They create a very pleasant sensation of a forest of lights. The luminaires are suspended at a sufficient height as not to disturb the vision of the clients and not to alter the color of the food. The result is a warm, soft and pleasant lighting that conveys peace and harmony in an environment inspired by the quite of nature.
If you liked these vintage lantern design ceiling lamps, ask us for our entire collection of vintage lanterns pendant lamp in our online store Luz Vintage.