Gala Barcelona Restaurant - Dajor
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Gala Barcelona Restaurant

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About This Project

Placed in l’Eixample in Barcelona, the Gala restaurant (located in the old “El Principal” restaurant) opened its door last year. The interior design is a work of the Quintana Partners studio with lamps from Dajor Lighting Factory that have turned this place into a spectacle.
The restaurant belongs to the Isabella Group. It defines itself as a free spirit and a Barcelona lovers. With a clear inspiration in the surrealism of Dalí and with a circus theme, the Gala restaurant is divided into five spaces with a lot of personality and illuminated with Dajor lamps.


A lighting carousel surprises you as soon as you arrive. In a room inspired by the colors of fairs and circus with pink and red striped pattern. A different and most original way to enter. The carousel is illuminated with Gina de Luz Vintage wall sconces with two opal glass balls and an aged brass effect finish that give elegance and accentuate the personality of the carousel in this unusual welcome.

The main hall, inspired by Dalí’s surrealism, is decorated with black and white striped wallpaper that increases the feeling of height. It culminates in blue ceilings with white clouds that provide light and clarity. An eclectic but very original combination with the red velvet armchairs. For this room, at Dajor Lighting Factory we custom-made a chandelier-style hanging ceiling lamps. Suspended by chains and with a circular structure with three hanging lampshades in an elegant aged brass finish with opal glass balls, which diffuse the light to create a comfortable and pleasant room. We complement the lighting with Hirune Luz Vintage glass ball pendant lamps, that matches with the large chandeliers.

Continuing with Dalí’s inspiration, we arrive at the atrium, surrounded by arches and where, inevitably, the gaze leads to the central fountain with a sculpture in the shape of a nose. Soft colors on the upholstery and cushions, and under the purple awnings with banners that wink at the circus aesthetic, we find ceiling lamps with dome-shaped lampshades finished in fringes. The Helena ceiling lamps from our Luz Vintage collection in different fringed finishes, illuminate the porch in an elegant and original way and lead to another of the restaurant’s spaces.

Behind the porch, we find “The Library”, a space inspired by the gentlemen’s clubs of the Victorian era. Dark wood and mirrors on the walls, earthy colors and intense greens and a touch of Japanese inspiration in the decoration and in the lighting. As in the ceiling lights manufactured by Dajor Lighting Factory. With an oriental design, these ceiling lights in the shape of a half dome and with a fabric shade, are distributed throughout the room. They create a warm and relaxing atmosphere of amber light that matches the ocher checkered pattern on the floor.

Finally, the most exclusive space and the heart and essence of Gala restaurant. “The Club” is only open for dinner and offers live music and a dance floor. As its name suggests, the decoration of “The Club” is based on the clandestine pub of the fifties, with red curtains, round tables and soft lighting with candles. Mirrors, glitter and led disco lights complement the decoration and the lighting. The upholstery of the checkered armchairs and sofas give continuity to the interior design of the other spaces. From Dajor we light the bar counter with Tamara de Luz Vintage ceiling lights: with a simple and discreet design. They emit a warm white light too powerful to illuminate cocktails, but without dazzling bartenders and customers. In addition, as they are embedded in the ceiling, they sre not an obstacle to vision.

All in all, a restaurant with an original, unusual and iconic menu and decoration that will become one of the top restaurants in Barcelona.